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Monday, 26 July 2010

The meaning of flowers

having found this reference on http://www.your-wedding-ideas.com/uk_wedding.php i thought I would share it with you and refer to a couple of favours I made with red & pink Roses. I have some daisy's I would like to use so watch out for that blog addition soon, will have to be after my baby's 4th birthday party though am busy with the cinderella theme!!

Carnation means love and fascination.
o Red Chrysanthemum means “I love you.”
o Daisy means innocent.
o Jasmine means amiability.
o Magnolia means perseverance.
o Red rose means love.

o Yellow rose means friendship.
o Pink rose means thankfulness and grace.

o Tulip also means love.
o Violet means faithfulness.
from http://www.your-wedding-ideas.com/uk_wedding.php

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