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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Do Them A Favour

favours today have defiantly moved on from the traditional Italian meaning associated with the
five almonds signifying five wishes for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity. They now play a big part in reflecting the couples personalities and extending a thank you to all those who shared in their special day, there are many different ways for couples to show their appreciation, from packets of seed, hand baked cookies, chocolate hearts, mint imperials, photo frames with couples picture, candles, potted seedlings, the list can be endless, so how do you give a gift without blowing the budget, Box Clever Wedding will work with you to help enable your dream, providing all item in a kit form can save you a lot in labour cost after all you have to pay for the time of the assembler, but check out your family & close friends, who there has a penchant for panache or creative craftiness, utilising someone to help you build your favours can save you a lot and could enable that person to do this as a gift for you both, if you have a few crafty friends even better break out the wine and make a night of it, not too much wine though might make some wonky favours! Here at Box Clever Wedding we love helping and nothing is too much trouble drop us a line or give us a call boxclever1@yahoo.co.uk / 01278 453263 always happy to help, let me do you a favour....or two

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